Fighting Forces of Common

The fighting forces of Common consist of various parts. Of these various parts the Common Militia technically has seniority due to their position as directly commanded by the Lord, however rarely will the Militia interfere with the works of the Common Standing Army, for instance.

The Standing Army

The standing army of Common is relatively small and primarily stationed on the boarders with the Orc Plains and Whelvin. The standing army of Common also provides defense to the city state of Gril. It is made up of professional soldiers that generally come from military families with roots in Avon due to the origins of the standing army being in the Avon military.

The Common Militia

The Common Militia are a centrally controlled force of Common that is under the direct authority of the Lord of Common. The Common Militia deal with general protection of citizens as well as crime. The Common Militia will investigate major crimes, as well as providing the legal enforcement of the results of investigations done by town guards. The precise relationship between the Common Militia and local Regional Defense Team vary by location. They are identifiable by their black plate armor. The Militia has a presence in almost all settlements in Common, as well as in several human enclaves in Gril. Normally this presence consists of only a few members in small villages, but in larger cities there can be hundreds of Militiamen. In Avonfold members of the Militia can be seen more often than city guardsmen. The Common Militia is made up of people from all over Common and this diversity is heavily promoted by the Militia. To become a Militiaman involves 4 years of training and is a grueling process.

Regional Defense Teams

The term “Regional Defense Team” is used to encompass fighting forces that are technically under central state control but operate with a large amount of autonomy. This includes city and town guards and local area militias (e.g. the Gale Militia.) Generally the origins of these groups are in either the Common Militia training townspeople or the feudal armies that existed prior to unification.

Paramilitary Groups

Various non-state paramilitary groups exist that aid in upholding Common rule and protection of the populace. The most prominent example of these groups is The Adventurer’s Guild, which often works directly with the government of Common to deal with threats that require the specific adventurer skill-set. Other paramilitary groups exist that have a more overt pro-unification agenda. The groups Dusk, The Humanity Army and The Front for Continued Unification aggressively suppress anti-unification activity and occasionally scuffle with anti-unification forces and each other. In recent years there have been occasional attacks by Dusk against Gale Militia forces.

Fighting Forces of Common

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