Avon was a pre-unification nation of humanity. It occupied a large part of what is now central Common and held the Griff Mountains for most of it’s existence. It eventually succeeded in uniting the Tribes of Human as the nation known as Common.

Avon was formed by the merging of tribes that lived along the Green River during the Age of Bo. Soon after its formation Avon began expanding its border, coming into conflict with the surrounding tribes. Avon conquered large areas and their leader, the Lord, had grand plans of uniting all of humanity under one banner.

Eventually Avon’s expansion stalled. Inverhythe proved resistant to siege and Avon was beginning to expand into territory of well established states such as Gail and Brigerdun. In its early conquest Avon easily won over the populace with the prosperity and security it offered but further from the Griff Mountains cultural differences resulted in resentment. From this tension formed the Resistance, or Sun Army.

Avon waged war against the regular armies of various tribes as well as the Sun Army for several years before the beginning of the Age of Sorcerers. The Age of Sorcerers changed the dynamics of the war; suddenly human artillery was present on both sides. Common had the upper hand in terms of the number and training of sorcerers which cemented the Sun Army into guerilla tactics.

At the peak of the Age of Sorcerers Inverhythe fell to Avon and most regular armies had been defeated. The Sun Army, however, was gaining in momentum and beginning to force Avon out of some coastal areas. The Lord of Avon was assassinated by a suspected Sun Army agent and The Lord was succeeded by The Lord’s child. The new Lord of Avon was one of the most powerful sorcerers ever recorded and continued Avon’s campaign for unification. The Sun Army continued to resist Avon but were delt a great blow when their greatest sorcerer, and one of the few of comparable power to The Lord, defected to Avon. Without this powerful magic the Sun Army fell back and was eventually defeated.

The Lord of Avon and this defector, now commonly known as The Reformer, transformed Avon into the state of Common. Common’s intention is to be a powerful entity capable of defending and representing all of humanity in the way only a Grand Nation can.


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