Regions of Common



Capital (oftentimes simply called “Avon”) is home to Avonfold, the Griff Mountains and much of the watershed that feeds the Green River. Capital is highly populated between Avonfold and the many large villages that surround it. The Griff Mountains are a source of mining wealth for the region. Products of mining and industry are ferried down the Green River to the port city of Inverhythe.


Frontier is the most sparsely populated region of Common. It was home to many small tribes prior to unification but most of these peacefully assimilated into Common. Those that did not were easily conquered. Frontier has a generally hot climate and has many strange creatures not found elsewhere. Most people in Frontier survive by subsistence agriculture or the highly government subsidized trade in creature pelts and gems. It is official Common policy that the Frontier tribes have no meaningful difference from those that made up Avon, but this fact is disputed by a few notable scholars of Frontier-tribe background.


Gale is by far the region of Common where the central government has the least influence. It is separated from the rest of Common by the mountain ranges Qa’s Pause and the Tarnish Highlands. This geographical isolation results in Gale’s semi-autonomous nature. In Gale most speak Gorl as their first language, and the central government has a not hugely successful campaign to have all children fluent in Common. Gale borders on the Orc Plains and scuffles with orcs are not uncommon. Gale has an economy based partially on settled people who have limited trade with the rest of Common and many pastoral nomadic groups.


Inver is named for the second largest city in Common; Inverhythe. The economy of Inver is mainly based around the role of Inverhythe as a major port and the farming required to support Inverhythe’s large population. Inver as a varied climate but is relatively mild. Inver and especially Inverhythe have a high number of non-human inhabitants, particularly gnomes and halflings. Many fishing villages litter the coast and enjoy the opulence of Inverhythe.


Lynmore is home to the largest lake in Common; Lake Iracia. The city of Salernum sits on the edge of this. The lake is infamously home to many Aquan monsters and some of these even trade with the residents of Salernum.


Redbrim was historically a wealthy region however in the past ten years it has been slowly loosing economic stability. The largest city in the region, Redun, was a center of fishing and farming that traded heavily with the Gorl (people of Gale) and the Grann (people of Granddale.) However since unification and the improved roads brought by this these regions are increasingly trading with Avonfold or Inverhythe instead. Redun has also been plagued by instability of their Regional Defense Team and local administration. Slowly towns are appearing along the road between Granddale and Avonfold. These towns are made up of many people leaving Redun. The climate of Redbrim varies between the winds of the Red and the mild region of Capital.


Rethben is a region that is entirely made up of the mountain range called Qa’s Pause. There are many mountains that overlook Whelvin. This mountains are heavily fortified by the Common Standing Army. Qa’s Pause is a dangerous mountain range and is largely impassible without someone who knows the area. Day to day life in Rethben as been impacted relatively little by unifcation. Most live in small, elder run villages that practice traditional hunting and farming methods. The central government of Common actively suppresses the formation of any intervillage organization like the ones that coordinated the military resistance to Common. Many in Rethben still speak various languages and actively resent the heavy presence of the Common Standing Army.


The region of Ridge can be split into two primary areas; The Unity Range and the area enclosed by the splitting of this range called Granddale. The Unity Range is a forested mountain range that is home to settlements relatively recently set up by humans from Capital, Inver and Lynmore. The Unity Range is also home to many temples and the regional campuses of the magic schools of Common. The area is believed to have a level of spiritual significance by most followers of the Common Pantheon. The Granddale is a flat area between the two tails of the Unity Range. The Granddale is an important mining region for Common and is the source of most of the iron and other metals for Common. During unification Granndale was home to one of the most brutal campaign of slaughter against the rulers and warriors of Grann and people were brought in from throughout Common to work in the nationalized mines.

Regions of Common

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