The land of Common is 62 years old. Previously humankind had lived as numerous tribes, settlements and small states. Around 100 years ago one of these states, Avon, began to expand it’s borders and conquer the surrounding peoples. After several years the effects of the age of sorcerers began to be felt and Avon’s expansion accelerated. The Lord of Avon was assassinated and the Lord’s child an extremely powerful sorcerer, took control of the state. Avon was consolidating its hold over humanity and the resistance had resorted to a small scale but increasingly effective raids. The rebellion suffered a crippling blow when their greatest sorcerer defected to Avon and is commonly now referred to as The Reformer. The Reformer is credited for the many policies that transformed the conqueror state “Avon” into the relatively federalist nation of Common.

Few people go hungry in Common and the economy is strong from agricultural and mining exports. There is a constant presence of the Common Militia in the larger cities and at least a few members in most settlements. The Common Militia are the centrally controlled forces of Common, always recognisable by their heavy, black armor. Most settlements appreciate their presences as a highly trained supplement to the local guard and to become a Militia soldier is a dream for many children.

The capital of Common is Avonfold which is situated on the Green River. The black spires of the Lord’s castle dominates the skyline and the Common Militia have a heavy presence in the streets. Avonfold sprawls out in the form of small farms for several miles around and serves as an important thoroughfare for ore coming from mines in the mountains. Avonfold is home to many guilds representing laborers, skilled tradespeople and adventurers. These organizations are slowly growing in scope and have begun appearing even in the city states of The Glory of Bo.

Common has a government more tolerant to outsiders than Whelvin or Duudwat’k’. All are permitted to live in Common however human identity and centrality is pushed strongly. In practice the major cities are friendly enough with not insignificant minorities of other races whereas more regional towns are not kind to outsiders. Common strongly encouraged humans from all tribes to migrate to Avonfold when peace was formed.

Common has few notable linguistic quirks. However it is considered proper to avoid referring to heads of state or similarly revered individuals by their names or by pronouns. Instead a title is used, such as “The Lord.” This custom is most prevalent in the areas around Avonfold and is less practiced on the outskirts of Common. Some hierarchical organizations may also use this practice to show reverence for their leaders.

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